Our brands

With Valstar, you have access to our three unique and exclusive brands. Our aim is to offer you a high-quality range of a variety of fruit and vegetables. But our mission goes beyond that. We’re dedicated to ensuring that consumers savour the unique flavours and endless possibilities offered by our products

all while placing people and the planet at the forefront of our endeavours It’s imperative that our entire supply chain benefits from our mission.

Each brand has its unique look and story, perfectly tailored to your needs and those of today’s consumers. We are ready to help our customers and consumers discover our special products. This way, you can put something tasty on the table every day, at any time.


For those eager to explore new and exceptional vegetables, Eminent is the right place.

Eminent’s products are distinguished by their unique qualities, offering a range of special tomatoes, aubergines, chillies, peppers, and more. Our specialist growers deliver fresh, high-quality produce daily, cultivated with passion and handled with care right from the field to your table. That means no bulk, but year-round delivery reliability and pure craftsmanship. You can see it and taste it…

Through exclusive variations in taste, shape and colour, we elevate the vegetable experience to new heights. Whether you’re a discerning home cook or a professional chef, Eminent products deliver the WOW factor, guaranteed to impress! 

"Every brand has its unique look and story, perfectly tailored to your needs as well as those of today's consumers."


Looking for a colourful and tasty range of exotic fruit and vegetables? Look no further than Discovered.

Healthy and responsible living is what we all want, right? Welcome to Discovered, a brand that cannot wait  to let you enjoy the delicious colours and flavours of exotic fruits and vegetables. As born explorers, we travel the world in search of the most extraordinary fruits and vegetables for you. We help consumers discover the versatility of our exotic fruit and vegetables.

With Discovered, you’ll discover that our produce can take centre stage on your plate, all while prioritising the health of both individuals and the planet. That is why we embrace a plant-based lifestyle and inspire you with recipes, tips and tricks. In short, Discovered empowers you to easily create something extraordinary for every meal…

Explore. Taste. Share. 


In search of a wide selection of vegetables? Look no further than our flagship brand, Aroma.

And we are particularly proud of this brand, which is characterised by its market recognition and uniform appearance. With Aroma, you can expect nothing but simply good products—no bells and whistles, just the reliability and excellence you’ve come to expect from us.

Curious about the possibilities?